The Gender Wellness Clinic

at the Kingston Family Health Center

Wherever you are in your journey, we are here to help.

Welcome to the Gender Wellness Clinic at the Kingston Family Health Center. Our staff is here to provide coordinated gender-affirming care and help you build a team of respectful providers. We offer whole-person care, giving you the tools to pursue the health and well-being of your true self.


Tools for equality and inclusion.

"Our goal at the Human Rights Campaign is to ensure that every LGBTQ+ person is free to live their life openly, with their equal rights ensured. We know that goal requires that we keep educating, supporting and inspiring ourselves and each other. In the spirit of that continual growth, we’ve compiled information and advice on a range of topics, including resources from the HRC Foundation." -


"The Trevor Project is the leading suicide prevention and crisis intervention nonprofit organization for LGBTQ young people. We provide information & support to LGBTQ 
young people 24/7, all year round."

Life-changing access.
Life-saving affirmation.

Point of Pride provides financial aid and direct support to trans folks in need of health and wellness care.

LGBTQ Nation is an online news magazine, reporting on issues relevant to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer community. They have a pro-LGBTQ+ point of view, but don’t shy away from keeping a critical eye on the movement itself.


They are the most visited LGBTQ news site in the US, and in 2021 they were nominated for the 32nd GLAAD Media Awards.  

Trans Closet of the Hudson Valley

a new project for and by members of the local trans community

providing clothes, gender-affirming supplies, and other resources without question or cost

A guide for activists to take care of themselves and avoid burnout while still fighting for what is right.
-By Jen Chess, LCSW
If you think your kid may come out as LGBTQ, this is a guide on how to react in a loving way that supports your relationship with them.
-By Jen Chess, LCSW